Our solutions

Like an orchestra to succeed, a team or an organization must endeavor to work its’:

Harmony, Rhythm and Differentiation

The Tailor made

Consultants signatories of the “Ferrières Coaching” code of conduct are at your disposal: quality audits, consulting, support, coaching and tailor made training programs. Discover more here or send us an email.

The Catalogue

Download our catalogue and discover our various workshops, behavioral development, management and leadership programs. All solutions can be adapted to one to one developments and groups. They can be delivered on site or at the “Château de Ferrières”. Consider to optimize the precious moments that are the annual retreats of your teams to offer them a personal development workshop.

The “Ferrières Tracks”

Enroll your Managers and Supervisors to one of our support programs. A manager or supervisor can benefit from support of 180 or 270 days, with 70 hours of mixed activities and workshops (presential, virtual classes, e-learning, coaching). Preserve your teams from reduced productivity and motivation by supporting the first steps of your new managers. Boost the effectiveness of your organization by developing the leadership and management capacity of your management teams.

The Ferrières Coaching Platform

Each individual learner of Ferrières Coaching gets at least 12 months’ access rights to the digital, social and collaborative learning platform. The platform is integrated into all our solutions (mixed accompaniment) and opens access to a unique space filled with tutorials, forums and e-learning. It allows the learner as well as his/her manager to monitor progress.