Internal Career Progression equal temporary loss of productivity?

Internal career progression is a value many organizations cherish and are proud of.  At the same time, managers and teams are affected by the tempory loss of productivity that is often the consequence of a lack of support to the new supervisor or manager.

promotion-productivité-graphiqueThe graph demonstrates the importance of technical, management or leadership skills required depending if one is an individual contributor, manager or a executive. (source

A team member is often promoted as he or she has shown proofs or management capability and high performance in the current role.



What will make the difference are the leadership skills or in other words if one has the qualities to be a leader.

The progression is exciting, motivating yet at the same time can create doubts stress, pressure and fear of failure. These emotions are all normal during time of change and the manager is not the only one concerned, the team is too and a large part of the organization.
A French study made by Hubert Landier in 2012, (institut de l’ demonstrates that team disengagement and lack of motivation is more often due to default management and leadership than it is due to poor working conditions (i.e poor pay or heavy duties).

The conclusion is that if you wish to have a performing organization, supporting managers in transition and protect the teams affected by the change should be a priority.

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