Ferrières Coaching launches the « Ferrières – Excellence in Facilitation » 

Regardless if you are an independent consultant or a training manager for an organisation, attend one of our facilitation techniques assessment days and be among the first to join the Ferrières Coaching network. The participants meeting the Ferrières Coaching criteria will have the opportunity to sign the « Ferrières – Excellence de Facilitation » agreement and deliver workshops on our behalf.

« It is not because it is difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that it is difficult. » – Sénèque

What is in it for you?

Step 1 : Attending the « Ferrières – Excellence in Facilitation » day is participating in a facilitation assessment track. During a group evaluation day you will have the opportunity to receive and give feedback.

Step 2 : Signing the « Ferrières – Excellence de Facilitation » agreement allows you to benefit from a free training on the Ferrières Coaching method as well as on our exclusive programmes (train the trainer).

Step 3 : Being a member of the Ferrières Coaching network means ; in addition to be solicited to deliver our various workshops, you will benefit from our logistical support, our educational watch as well as our research centre.

Coach – Trainers – Consultants – Experts in the below fields, reach out to us NOW:

  • hospitality
  • gastronomy,
  • luxury,
  • management and leadership
  • service culture,
  • sales and negotiation,
  • behavioural training
  • performance optimisation

Next dates : Paris 6th October, London November 15th et coming soon at Reykjavik & Doha.

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