Ferrières Coaching is everything except yet another training provider!

Ferrières Audit – Consulting – Coaching aims to steer its customers towards an optimization of their results.

Embarking on professional training or coaching is not done on a whim.
The market for professional training is in transition, some even evoke a crisis. The first concerned and affected by this established fact are … customers.

With over 20,000 new Training Consultants s on the market since 2014 (France only) which are added to other large organizations, I can understand the customer having a hard time finding the right solution.
Especially since the calculation of return on investment from training is fairly subjective. Critics raised by customers are frequently the same: “Lack of effective development needs analysis and absence of monitoring after the training operation

So, How are we different?
At Ferrières Coaching we understand that the training is not always the right solution to apply. And especially not a miracle solution that can fix a service or faulty operation.

Allow me to draw a parallel with Chinese medicine. A patient in fine form visits his/her doctor on a regular basis and together they establish a plan for the patient to maintain or improve his/her health.

That’s how we see things at Ferrières Coaching, accompany you in the areas of services, talents, and manager’s development in order to optimize your results.

Our approach is unique because it brings together professionals from the luxury industry, international hospitality and higher education (teachers and researchers). This allows us to provide some innovative facilitation techniques, an evolutive learning support as well as a scalable delivery adapted to the real business needs.